Feedback widget for your docs

Collect customer satisfaction from inside your documentation pages using our free feedback widget. Easy to integrate with your documentation and blazing fast 🔥



Collect feedback from your users and analyze it to get a better understanding of your product documentation. We provide you with a simple and easy to use dashboard to analyze your feedback.

Insights can be filtered by period of time when reaction occur and resource.


Control what reactions are shown to your users, when the number is displayed, and the order. All of this is done in the dashboard.

You can easily manage what is displayed inside widget. For now texts and emojis are supported.


Restrict where widget can be displayed. Change how many time user can react on resource. This will let you fit widget for various needs.

From medium like claps with limited number of reactions through customer satisfaction to checking if documentation page was helpful.


Bring your own styles. Style built-in classes, css variables or even apply your own classes to every element of widget.

These are basic examples what you can achieve with minimal styling and 5 minutes of spare time.

Add feedback widget to your docs