Get Started

Get Started

Use HapppyReact in the following 4 simple steps:

Create project

Every project represents one feedback widget. It can link with your application eg. Super Coool Docs but also to the action you performing eg. User's happiness. There is plenty of use cases. It's up to you how to use it.

Learn how to create project

Add reactions

Reactions are connected to the feedback widget. They give ability users to express their opinion by selecting reactions. Depending on the feedback you want to get from your user reactions may vary. Some examples:

Question: Is this page helpful?
Reactions: Yes / No

Question: How do you like our post?
Reactions: 🙁 / 😐 / 🙂

Learn how to add reactions

Add domains to whitelist

Whitelisting domains is a technique to protect the usage of your projects on sites you don't own. Adding domains there protects you from abuse.

Learn how to add domains to whitelist

Setup project

The feedback widget has a flexible architecture and can match your needs. Also, you can control your project in the settings tab.

Learn how to Setup project

If you have any questions about Happy React check the FAQ page.

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