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Collect customer satisfaction from inside your documentation pages using our free feedback widget. Easy to integrate with your documentation and blazing fast 🔥


Prevent customers churn

Customer feedback is essential for creating a good application. Sending emails to your customer about what they like can be cumbersome. The big problem here – customers need to know what they want. Create features that you think will benefit them! Then shapes according to it to their suggestions!

Hear from your customers and act to prevent them from leaving your product. Collect feedback and analyze it to get a better understanding of your customer's needs.

Choosing a feedback widget can be challenging. It needs to let you control what feedback you want to collect. Have an intuitive analytics and reporting system. Also, need to harmonize with your brand so your customers want to leave their feedback. Happy React gives you that for FREE.

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  • Customers churn stopped

Happy React feedback widget features


Headless styling gives you flexibility you need to adopt widget to your branding. Without bizarre editors or pre-defined themes. Use CSS, SCSS or even Tailwind to bring your styling.

Made for developers

Happy React make it easy for developers to integrate it with every product. With support for React, Vue and Svelte framework. Direct integration with Docusaurus.

  • Robust product integrating
  • Headless styling
  • Typescript support

Frameworks supported

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5 integrations available

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Trusted by the best developers and world-class teams


Happy React is aiming to be the best open-source feedback platform. Created for easy to use for developers and be powerful to support marketings teams.

Frameworks support

Create components for web frameworks to better support developers.
React, Vue, Svelte frameworks are supported.


Add aggregated statistics about the period of time.
Lets keep project statistics independent of current project settings.


Add ability to access project by multiple users.

Integrations support

Add guides how to setup Happy React with most popular documentation generator and frameworks.

Pro version

Add Pro version for more demanding users with higher limits and dedicated support.


Add functionality to attach forms after user reaction to collect also users thoughts.

Expand reactions capability

Add support to SVG, gifs and static images in reactions editor.

Open-source Happy React

Make Happy React public so anyone can host its own instance.
Write guides how to setup it on popular platforms.




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